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Adventure Time oc- Rosemary :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 5 7 Friendly training :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 6 4 Boris the Wolf :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 93 16 Bonnie and Willow :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 64 43 Fnaf oc :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 9 0 Bendy the Friendly Demon :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 190 49 Bendy and the Ink machine :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 296 17 Steven and Topaz fusion- Kunzite :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 19 5 Point commission- Lilac pearl and Rose pearl :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 29 9 Point commission- Amethyst :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 20 4 Happy Valentine's day :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 13 7 Point commission- Chrysoprase :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 8 4 Point commission- Fluorite :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 12 4 Point commission: Lisa the Puppet :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 12 7 Point commission: Tourmaline :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 7 7 Point commission: Obsidian :icongrimmixx:Grimmixx 7 9


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Sup,everybody! My name is Maggie and I'm 20 years old.I'm a very shy artstudent owo, who loves to draw and will never stop.
I'll hope we can be friends if thats okay owo

:bulletblue: My Tumblr:

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Adventure Time oc- Rosemary
My friend has been kinda obsessed with Adventure Time and makin up oc's for her soooo I grabed my 
old oc and redesign it xD

This is Rosemary the Demon I am a dummy! 
Friendly training
Esme: I'm glad that you could help me Belona

Belona: Anytime Esme! I'm always happy to help a friend in training, I just hope that Thalia doesn't mind me
            giving you extra lessons -w-

Esme: O-oh of course not!

Belona: I'm just kidding dear, so where do you what to start? 

Esme: Hmm, I kinda wanted to start... maybe on sword fighting, if that's okay?

Belona stared at her suprised 

Belona: Mkay *walks away*

Esme: Hum where ar...?

Belona comes back with two wooden swords and stabs them at the ground

Esme: Are those...

Belona: Yes they're wooden swords, perfect for training and perfect to not hurt anyboby, here you go!

Esme: O-okay *grabs one* Now what?

Belona: Fight me

Esme: WHAT?? 

Belona immediately attacks Esme but she managed to defend the time, even if she was not expecting this

Esme: Belona wait! I wasn't ready!

Belona: Yes I know, this is what a nightmare does, it attacks you when you are not ready. But look you defended
             my attack, great job! *smiles*

Esme: O-OH! AH thank you!


They continue to fight, Esme walked back while Bellona walked forward, she only defendes herself and doesn't attack Bellona,     Bellona spoke.

Belona: Esme you must fight me! HIT ME OR SOMETHING!

Esme: *she was startled from Belona scream*HAH YAHHHHHHH! *swings her sword*

She almost got Belona's face but she only slightly hit her head that made her ribbon fall out, letting out her minty colored hair. Esme gasped and tripped on a rock.

Esme: Huff! Oh geez my leg...*blinks and remenbers* Oh Belona I'm sorry, I almost hit... your...

Belona: * She pushes her hair away from her face and smiles* It's okay

Esme: ... face. Ahhhh... I. *stares at her and blushes*

Belona: You almost got me, nice job Esme *smiles*

Esme didn't speak, she only stared at Belona, she never saw Belona with her hair down and she actually looked very pretty.

Belona: Esme?

Esme: ...

Belona: Esme? Dear? Hello?? ESME?!

Esme: AHH! I hum are you okay?

Belona: I'm okay hehe, I just need to put this messy hair back together and...

Esme: It's not messy, it's very PRETTY! 

They look at each other in silence, Esme's face turns extra red from embarassement of saying that out loud and Belona just laughs.

Belona: *pats her head* Heh why thank you for the compliment!

Esme: Y-your welcome...

Belona: Wanna get some tea and cookies? *smiles*

Esme: Yes please... *smiles back at her*

Okay I wanted to draw her for a long time and I finally did it!
But I think I had a little too much fun in this, I kinda see Belona and Esme being really good friends and maybe someone having a little crush on someone xD

Oh my god I have become trash... ;w;
 Tell me if there is any errors on the writing

Belona belongs to me
Esme and CompanionsOf Dreams belongs to BluebirdsandCanaries
CompanionsOfDreams Heart 
Bonnie and Willow
I have seen so many amazing batim ocs that inspired me to do some too! owo

So here's Bonnie and Willow! Meow :3 

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Bonnie

 Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Personality: Friendly, stubburn, caring, sensitive and shy

 Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Likes: Baking, singing, gardening, music, carrots (obvious cx) and sweets

 Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Dislikes: The Creator, mean people, thunder and spiders

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Willow

Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  Personality: Lazy, calm, funny, rude (only to people that she doesn't like), smart

Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  Likes: Warm stuff, pillows, warn balls, music, sunny days and jokes

 Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Dislikes: The creator, water, manipulative people and coffee

Bonnie and Willow are best friends since toddlers and they have been living together since then.
Bonnie works as a baker in town, Willow is to much lazy to get a proper job so she stays at home and do the chores >w<
They meet Bendy, Boris and the rest of the gang later. 

That's all I got for now...Sweating a little... 

In other note, I think I'm cursed because when I'm in every fandom that I like I make ocs from it xD
It's actually 105 but you get it! xD
I just want to thank you guys for supporting me all this time, for the first watchers
I got and the new watchers thank you so much!
There will be more art in the future! I'm really happy to know you guys!Heart 


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Self insert or not I still like it and its good! >w<
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